Terms & Conditions

Privacy policy

The online booking is the contract between AL AWALI TRAVELS and the CLIENT who signing the ELECTRONIC Booking Form. No employee of AL AWALI TRAVELS has authority to vary these Conditions of contract. The Contract between the AL AWALI TRAVELS and the Client shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of and applicable in Kuwait and subject to the jurisdiction of the Kuwait Law.

1. Communication 
Where a booking is made directly by a Client with AL AWALI TRAVELS, all communications related to the booking/reservation will be sent to the clients email address at the time of Reservation. Where a booking is made sometimes on behalf of the traveler, communications from the AL AWALI TRAVELS will be sent to the client whose email and telephone numbers are provided by the client at the time of booking a service online.

2. Travel documentation
It is the responsibility of the Client to obtain and carry a valid passport (should have validity more than 6 months at least in most cases) and any other documents including visas and international certificates of vaccination required for travel to, from and in the destination. The AL AWALI TRAVELS shall not be liable for any inconvenience, expense, loss or damage of any kind if incurred by the Client by reason of failure to obtain or produce, or by the loss of, such documents.

3. Prices
Prices are subject to change based on availability at the time of booking which may affect prices if not finalized

4. Change or cancellation of booking

*In case of cancelation or re-issue there are 10 KD fee per ticket with an additional airline fees.

The AL AWALI TRAVELS will make alteration of an already finalized booking if requested by the client, wishes to have changes in writing by email or in person to the AL AWALI TRAVELS offices. If the initial booking permits such alterations the AL AWALI TRAVELS will do the necessary alteration with a minimum admin charges of KWD 10/- or otherwise if the original booking was issued with conditions then in that case a charge may apply as stipulated in the original booking as well as KWD 10/- admin fee by the AL AWALI TRAVELS.

The client will be liable for cancellation charges in accordance with original booking policy. Cancellation of booking will be normally considered as per the normal procedures mentioned at the time of reservation. All requests for alterations or cancellations must be made or confirmed in writing by the client to the AL AWALI TRAVELS & by returning the original cash receipt for the services purchased. This is to ascertain by the AL AWALI TRAVELS that the right person who paid for the services claims to have it cancelled/refunded.

The AL AWALI TRAVELS accepts no liability for any loss or damage caused by events beyond its control.